Hotel City is a Facebook application created and developed by Playfish. The game allows the player to build a Hotel, including rooms, decorating it, some extra shops, and even backgrounds!

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay consists out of a drag-and-drop system. The player will earn coins by starting shifts, clicking on people, and the money made may be spent on new rooms, services, or decorations. The player manages the hotel and earns money. Each day at Midnight GMT the game becomes the next day, and you have to reset it. This is when you recieve your next day Bonus. The GMT Midnight times are as it follows(7:00 EST, 6:00 CST, 5:00 MST, and 4:00 PST) (These are not daylight saving time times, add one hour when Daylight Saving Time is in effect).


Hotel City started out having these features

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