There are very few policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy.

Adding [[Category:Policy]] to any policy pages will add them to the policy category. This is found here.

Hotel City Wiki PolicyEdit

Wikia Staff, Administrators and other types of Wikia help guys can all block you whenever we feel like you're vandalizing, doing something wrong or whatever Wikia feels like is not right.

To prevent you from getting blocked, read this policy and the Manual of Style.

No inappropriate words (NIW-HCW) Policy 1Edit

You may think little kids don't go on here so you can curse as much as you want. DO NOT CURSE, as this results in you getting blocked for 1 week with NO warnings. Little kids? Who cares? Even giving a teenager influence is bad, and will result in blocks. If you want to curse, you can curse on your Homepage but you must cover it up in symbols, e.g. @#$%, but no using something like leet, like "at sign-dollar-dollar", that wil still result in a no-warning block. This includes hello without the "O" no matter what even if you don't say go to there it's not considered cursing but for security we're not using it, and cover it up if on homepage.

No Bullying (NB-HCW) Policy 2Edit

This may just be a wiki, but as a small and a little successful wiki we don't allow bullying as it's mean. Bullying results in a 3-day block without a warning.

Userpage and Usertalk policy (UUP-HCW) Policy 3Edit

If you edit your userpage for more than 10 times a day (NOT counting minor edits), you will be blocked from editing your userpage for 1 day. If you continue to do this without stopping, the blocks will increase!

Project Unvandalize Policies (PUPS-HCW) Policy 4Edit

These policies are based on Project Unvandalize's votes to make HCW a better place just in case.

Admin Userpage protection policy (AUP-PHCW) Policy 4-AEdit

This is a free, complimentary thing we offer to make sure vandals don't ruin any of our ADMIN'S userpage!

This won't affect anything to the admins!

Registered Userpage protection policy (RUPP-HCW) Policy 4-BEdit

All registered users will now have their userpages protected so that Unregistered Users cannot vandalize your Userpage!

What if I get blocked?Edit

Well, if that happens, please don't hesitate to talk on my talk page. If you can't try to talk on your talk page, I will notice it! If you realize your mistake I may be able to unblock you!

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